Collective Bargaining Level 1

Participants will leave with a solid understanding of the bargaining process and the factors that affect collective bargaining. This course also introduces some of the laws and rules that structure the bargaining process and provides opportunities for hands on practice and skills development in preparing for and negotiating parts of a collective agreement. Level 1 is aimed at new bargaining committee members and local union officers. You may want to bring a calculator for this course.

Facing Management Effectively 

Examines the economic, political and social forces at play be-tween union and management. Participants can expect participation, interaction and role-plays along with practical skills and tools for communication, analysis, strategy and critical thinking.

Instructor Training Level 1 

Introduces participants to adult and popular education practices and facilitation techniques that focus on learning, action and inclusive movement building. Participants learn skills and knowledge required to facilitate short courses or workshops and adapt materials for a diversity of learning needs and styles.

Member Engagement - Member Action

This course is designed for experienced shop stewards, local union leaders and union staff who want to transform how members engage with their union and how their union engages with their members. This course will train participants on the three-step approach to effective member engagement (Go, Listen, Build) and connect it to a three-step approach for building an active membership (one-on-one communication, taking action on worksite issues, and designing a strategy and plan to win.)

Using Modern Tools to Talk With Your Members  

Beginning with an internal union communications audit, this course will teach participants how to use a variety of communication tools in order to reach union members with the union’s message and culminate with a custom internal communications plan. The course will take a look at websites, newsletter/bulletin design and writing skills, crafting effective emails, starting and managing email lists, and basic poster design. Participants will also learn the basics of taking great photos and producing short, engaging videos to better communicate with their union members.

ODRT - Workers' Compensation Vitals

In this course you will learn about Basic Workers’ Compensation, Disability Prevention Strategies, Occupational Hearing Loss and Mental Health.

WHSC Level 1: Occupational Health & Safety Training

This program is designed to provide workers and their representatives with a general understanding of occupational health and safety in-cluding hazard awareness, principles for controlling exposure and occupational health and safety law. The training intends to help ignite a passion in participants translating into greater activism in their workplaces, unions and communities. Some may become health and safety representatives or joint health and safety committee members. Others may go on to become WHSC-trained volunteer instructors.