CLC President Hassan Yussuff, CLC Senior Economist Angella MacEwen, and CLC Senior Researcher Emily Norgang will be available in the Railway Committee Room in Centre Block to comment once the federal budget has been tabled on March 22nd. Mr. Yussuff and Ms. MacEwen will provide comment in English, and Ms. Norgang will provide comment in French.

It is expected this year’s federal budget will include several initiatives related to education and training, infrastructure, and job creation.

The CLC’s pre-budget statement is available at

Who: Hassan Yussuff, CLC President

Angella MacEwen, CLC Senior Economist

Emily Norgang, CLC Senior Researcher

Where: Railway Committee Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill    

When: 4:15 pm, Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Media contacts:

Kerry Pither, National Director, Communications

Chantal St-Denis, National Representative, Media Relations