Thursday, February 21, 2013

Police are often not enforcing the corporate criminal negligence laws introduced into the Criminal Code in 2004 through Bill C-45. These criminal code amendments introduced a legal duty for all persons “directing the work of others” to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of workers and the public – in effect, it made certain safety breaches criminal issues. Unfortunately, since 2004, Bill C-45 charges have been laid in only six cases – we need to work closely with local law enforcement to ensure they are aware of the law so that employers can be criminally charged after serious workplace accidents.

There is a guide for health and safety reps for when there is an injury or fatality at work. pdf file death-and-injury-at-work-en.pdfWe even have a guide for the police to use when investigating corporate criminal negligence in cases of serious workplace injuries and fatalities. The Guide is entitled, Death & Injury at Work: A Criminal Code Offence. 

Has your labour council, union or have you contacted your local law enforcement about death and injury at work? You should.