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Everyone benefits when parents can go to work knowing that their children are safe and well cared for. Over 70 percent of mothers with kids under six years old is working. Only one in five of these children has access to a regulated child care space.

We know that families in Canada are struggling to find quality child care they can afford and that’s why we are continuing our work to establish a national child care system. Child care helps make women available for work, education and training. Quebec’s child care system is a success, it shows substantial increases in women going to work and a reduction in poverty rates. Quebec has also shown us that money spent on child care pays for itself in increased tax revenue and other socio-economic benefits.

Issues and Research

The federal government’s announcements today on the Universal Child Care Benefit and income-splitting will leave most working families behind and discourage labour force participation, says...

Posted: 30 October 2014
Posted: 6 December 2013
Education Resource

It’s now more than 40 years since the Royal Commission on the Status of Women first called for a national child care program. But although most mothers of young children now work outside the home...

Posted: 12 September 2013
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