Rana Plaza

Corporate Accountability

As global corporations operate within ever more complex supply chains and grow wealthier and more powerful than many nations, they are increasingly able to operate without limits often unchecked by governments and international institutions. Greater public demand for disclosure of information and growing investor pressure have forced companies to understand the importance of portraying themselves as economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

The CLC advocates for responsible business practices that ensure the well-being of employees, environmental protection, and positive outcomes for the communities in which companies operate, both at home and internationally.  We work with affiliates, civil society organizations and broad-based networks (eg. Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability and Publish What You Pay Canada) to bring real accountability to corporations by exerting pressure in specific cases (eg. A Trust Fund for victims of the Rana Plaza disaster) as well as advocating for the development and progression of structural systems that enhance accountability (eg. Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act).

Issues and Research

On Monday, the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development (FAAE) tabled the report “A Call to Action: Ending the Use of All Forms of Child Labour in Supply Chains.” This...
Posted: 16 October 2018
Canada’s unions are welcoming the federal government’s announcement that it will appoint an ombudsperson to ensure Canadian corporations respect their human rights obligations abroad.  The new...
Posted: 17 January 2018

The Canadian Labour Congress will join a delegation of Canadian unions in Bangladesh on February 1st to promote corporate accountability and support ongoing efforts to improve workplace health and...

Posted: 29 January 2016

Canadian extractive sector companies account for almost half of the world’s mining and mineral exploration activity.  They have interests in more than 8,000 places in over 100 countries globally...

Posted: 15 July 2015

Given our shared struggle for human rights and corporate accountability, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) supports the position of the El Salvadoran government in respect to the investor-state...

Posted: 26 June 2015