equal pay gap

Equal Pay - Pay Equity

Fair pay means that the work women and men do is equally respected, valued and compensated. We believe a person should get the same pay for the same work despite, gender, race or age. This is also called ‘pay equity’.

This means that jobs are evaluated on their skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions, so that very different jobs can be compared for their value in the workplace. Today the pay gap for women is 80 cents on the male dollar. Unions have worked to shrink this gap and are working to ensure that minor differences between jobs can no longer be used as a reason to pay women less than men.

Issues and Research

Canada’s unions are appalled with the federal government’s decision to wait another two years to start addressing the gender wage gap.

Posted: 5 October 2016

Minimum wages have been getting a lot of attention lately. And for good reason. Workers earning minimum wage often struggle to get enough hours, don’t have predictable schedules or advance notice...

Posted: 31 May 2016

Fair pay means that the work women and men do is equally respected and valued. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many workers in Canada, where there is still a big gap...

Posted: 15 March 2015

For too many women in Canada, retirement means only financial struggle. Senior women are twice as likely to live in poverty as men. 30% of elderly women on their ...

Posted: 3 March 2015

April 16 is Equal Pay Day in Ontario – on this day a woman, on average, has worked enough to earn as much as a man made the previous year. The gender wage gap isn’t just a problem in Ontario – it’...

Posted: 15 April 2014