pensions and retirement

Pensions & Retirement

The labour movement has been securing workplace pension plans for Canadians for over 100 years. We've also led the efforts to improve public pensions for all Canadians, from winning Old Age Security in 1952 to calling for changes to the current Canada Pension Plan.

We’re working for better public pensions, expansion of the CPP and more workplace pensions.

Issues and Research

A targeted approach to CPP expansion has been discussed — narrowed to help only middle-income earners, or alternatively, to Canadians without a pension plan at work. This approach falls short of...

Posted: 26 April 2016
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Today the Canadian Labour Congress celebrated the Prime Minister’s announcement that his government will maintain the eligibility for Old Age Security at 65. In 2012, the Conservatives announced...

Posted: 17 March 2016

Canada’s largest labour organization wants the Ontario government to hold off on implementing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan and take the lead on finding a pan-Canadian solution to the...

Posted: 27 January 2016

OTTAWA – Since 2009, the Canadian Labour Congress has been actively campaigning for an expanded Canada Pension Plan. Today, it responded to the Finance Ministers’ announcement that they will begin...

Posted: 21 December 2015

Myth #1: The economy is too fragile to increase CPP contributions now

Posted: 18 December 2015
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