From job protection to public healthcare, workers have a critical stake in social and economic policy.

We’ve learned that while fighting for improvements in the workplace is vital, lasting change is won by changing the social and economic policies of governments.

We research and debate issues that are important to working people, and decide on policies that we believe will benefit our members. Then we advocate for those changes with governments, employers and the public.

Issues and Research

Voters across Canada are getting a controversial postcard in the mail about an online survey on electoral reform. The controversy? It has been widely criticized for being misleading, vague,...

Posted: 1 December 2016

Canada’s unions are celebrating today’s adoption by the House of Commons of Bill C-26, a legislation that will expand the Canada Pension Plan for the first time in the plan’s history.

Posted: 30 November 2016

Canada’s unions are organizing against Bill C-27 a new piece of federal legislation that enables Crown corporations and federal private-sector employers to back out of defined-benefit pension...

Posted: 16 November 2016

On Wednesday, Parliament voted to adopt Bill C-4, a government bill that repeals the previous Conservative government’s controversial anti-union bills C-377 and C-525.

Posted: 19 October 2016

The CLC welcomes the federal government’s announcement of an ambitious initiative to tackle climate change through proposed carbon pricing.

Posted: 3 October 2016

What does a better plan for all mean, in real terms?

Posted: 21 July 2016