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To mark Human Rights Day, Canada’s unions released a new video to raise awareness of the human rights issues faced by...

Posted: 9 December 2016

This week the federal government plans to sign on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), after which Canada will be locked into a two-year countdown to ratify the deal, despite the controversy...

Posted: 2 February 2016

Canadian labour leaders met with Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade; her Parliamentary Secretary, David Lametti; and MaryAnn Mihychuk, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development...

Posted: 9 December 2015

The statement below was adopted by the Canadian Council of the CLC at its meeting on November 9.

Posted: 24 November 2015

Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Canadians will pay more for pharmaceuticals and see the privacy of their health information compromised. 

Posted: 15 October 2015

The Harper government is pushing ahead with an investment deal that will have long-term implications for jobs in Canada’s auto and dairy industries, and drive up prescription drug costs for...

Posted: 5 October 2015

Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast will join last-minute negotiations in Atlanta this week, with the goal of pushing through a deeply flawed “trade” deal...

Posted: 29 September 2015
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Labour mobility refers to the free movement of workers between provinces, regions, or countries. When labour mobility between two jurisdictions is high, a worker in one can easily...

Posted: 8 December 2014
OTTAWA ― The president of the Canadian Labour Congress says the trade deal with South Korea signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on March 11 was negotiated behind closed doors and that it could...
Posted: 11 March 2014