Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff is urging all parties in the House of Commons to unite behind M-103, the Private Member’s Motion condemning Islamophobia.

“Now is a crucial time for our country to stand up against Islamophobia. Unanimously passing this motion in the House of Commons would be a strong signal that we will not stand by and let hate and fear take root in our communities,” said Yussuff.

Last month’s tragic shooting at the Great Mosque in Québec City was a wake-up call for many Canadians. Not long before that, Statistics Canada had also released new data showing hate crimes against Muslims more than doubled over a three-year period.

Yussuff said criticisms of M-103–such as those put forward by several Conservative MPs, candidates and commentators–are completely unfounded and actually worsen the situation. He added that it was dismaying to see the backlash visited on supporters of the motion, including threats against Iqra Khalid, the MP who introduced it.

“This motion simply reaffirms human rights already enshrined in our country’s laws and Charter. When we stand against Islamophobia we are saying that all Canadians should be able to worship and associate in their communities free from violence,” Yussuff said.