Line of Canada Post mail trucks

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Canada Post Corporation is set to lock out 50,000 postal workers and jeopardize mail service across Canada as early as this Friday. In spite of long-standing profitability, Canada Post is proposing steep concessions that would entrench unfair wages and undermine pensions for future generations.

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) responded by calling on the Trudeau government to rein in the Crown corporation. CLC President Hassan Yussuff called out Canada Post’s pension stance as inconsistent with the federal government’s stated commitment to improving retirement security, particularly for future generations.

"This government was elected on a commitment to support good jobs and help Canadians afford retirement. Canada Post’s attack on its workers’ pensions is completely out of step with that standard,” said Yussuff. 

“Prime Minister Trudeau and Public Services Minister Judy Foote cannot stand on the sidelines – they need to tell Canada Post that its attack on pensions is unacceptable,” Yussuff added.

“At a time when Canada Post is reporting consistent profits, they are peddling a myth that they are struggling financially, in order to slash pensions for new employees and justify unfair wages,” Yussuff added. “Indeed, no other Crown corporation is threatening to introduce a two-tier pension that would put future workers’ retirement security at risk."

The Canadian Labour Congress is calling on the Trudeau government to ensure Canada Post negotiates a fair deal that does not compromise pensions for future generations.