Everyone Deserves Dignity

Tell Ottawa we need action now to address Canada’s care crisis.

We all deserve to live a life with dignity.

Care workers help provide vital support to people when they need it, including people living with disabilities, seniors and those who are living with illness.

For many, access to care can make the crucial difference between a life of struggle and a life with dignity, where people are properly supported to live, work and be a part of their community.

Workers who are doing the critical work of caring for our elders, children, and others in need of support, deserve better jobs that are safe and well compensated. The essential care these workers provide has continued throughout the pandemic, despite the heavy strain of staffing shortages, mounting pressure and workloads.

We need governments to apply hard-learned pandemic lessons and invest in a system that values care work and care workers, and supports those who need and those who provide care – enabling us all to work and live with dignity.

Workers and their families deserve better. Send a letter today.

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