Pharmacare: Taking care of business

In a recent survey by Ekos Research, 8 in 10 business owners agreed with the following statement:

“Prescription drugs should be covered as part of our public health care system, the same way that hospitals and doctors are covered.”

A strong majority of business owners support universal pharmacare, just like the majority of Canadians.

For years, business owners have been concerned about the soaring cost of drugs and workplace health benefits.

Now, the pandemic has left many businesses facing a financial crisis.

This crisis calls for solutions.

And most business owners acknowledge that universal pharmacare is an essential part of the solution, because:

  • With pharmacare, the average business would save over $750 per employee every year. The average worker would save over $100 per year in plan premiums.
  • For small businesses, universal pharmacare will make it easier to recruit employees.
  • Universal pharmacare will also mean many workers will get prescription drug coverage for the first time.

Our campaign for universal public pharmacare continues to gain momentum.

Please share this news and help us keep the momentum going.