Globally, women perform 76.2 percent of total hours of global unpaid care work, more than three times as much as men. This heavy load means many women have less time to engage in paid work, or struggle to juggle and balance their paid and unpaid work.

But the truth is, care work supports the people that power society, our communities and our economy. Without it, none of this would be possible. We need to invest in care work just as we invest in things like healthcare and roads.

Use our Tweet tool to call on the federal government to form a Care Economy Commission to study, design and implement a care strategy for Canada that would:

  • Create a broader and inclusive labour market strategy to achieve high-quality, equitable care jobs;
  • Examine paid and unpaid care work and develop a roadmap to meet the increasing demands for care; and
  • Reduce and redistribute women’s unpaid care work by improving access to public care services for children, the elderly and people living with disabilities.

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