Health and Safety Activism and your Mental & Physical Health

Course Code : HS

Healthy and safe workplaces are a basic right. This workshop will provide worker activists with tools, materials, and processes to address this key area of work life. You will develop an understanding of how workplace stress and other psychosocial hazards can affect us and how to deal with them. The workshop will help identify stressors affecting workers such as job demands, job control, lack of support, and violence/bullying resulting in a lack of work life balance. It will help develop an action to take on systematic factors affecting mental health through advocacy, bargaining and political action. We will discuss health and safety issues important to workers and focus on solutions and prevention strategies to reduce stress and eliminate hazards.


2019 SFL – CLC Annual Spring School

Moose Jaw
2019/05/06 0:00 - 2019/05/10 0:00
Labour education builds solidarity and knowledge. Labour education teaches the skills unions need to represent their members and defend their rights using proven methods that allow adults of all backgrounds to learn. If your union wants to train the next generation of local activists or expand the skills that today’s leaders and activists already have, the SFL/CLC Spring School is here…