Psychologically Healthy & Safe Workplaces – FULL

Course Code : 4PHSW

Each year in Canada, one in five people will experience a mental health problem or illness. Over a lifetime, that number increases to 1 in 3. The impact to our economy is a cost of more than 51 billion dollars.

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with the tools to create strategies that will support workers with mental health issues, individually and collectively. We will start with a full day discussion of Workplace Bullying & Harassment then continue with a full day of Prevention of Violence in the Workplace. These two days will lay the foundation to delve deeper into the Psych Health & Safety Management System.

A Psychological Health and Safety Management System can help an organization identify hazards that can contribute to psychological harm to the worker. It is a preventive approach that assesses your workplace practices and identifies areas for improvement. A voluntary CSA Standard (Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace) has been developed to help organizations work towards this vision as part of a process of continual improvement.

In this course participants will:
” Learn about what constitutes Bullying & Harassment and Prevention of Violence (in provincially regulated workplaces), and how these impact the workplace;
” Identify organizational factors that contribute to mental illness;
” Learn how to apply the CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace as an effective strategy to create a workplace environment supportive of mental health;
” Learn about other resources available to workplaces.


2023 CLC Pacific Region Winter School Week 4

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