SEIU-West 2nd Annual Young Workers Conference

May 16, 2022,

Last year, the SEIU-West Young Workers’ Committee (YWC) held their first-ever conference and it was a huge success. It was so successful, the YWC is now providing this Conference annually! The 2nd Annual SEIU-West Young Workers Conference will be held on August 12, 2015 – also known as International Youth Day!

SEIU-West recognizes the crucial importance of engaging and mobilizing young workers.  In order to sustain and advance the labour movement, it is important for our union to reach out to young workers and provide support for their concerns. Young worker input encourages innovative ideas for building our movement and will help ensure our union’s efforts contribute to a more just society for all generations. That’s why we must continue and strengthen our aims of promoting and connecting with young workers every day.

The registration deadline is June 25 and delegates will be selected on a ‘first-come first-serve’ basis, so be sure to spread the news as soon as possible! If interested in attending, simply complete the expression of interest form and registration form. You can also check out the new the 2nd Annual Young Worker Conference poster!