Sick of Work — The Health and Safety Challenges of Insecure and Precarious Employment: Global Perspectives and Lessons for Canada

May 16, 2022,

The growth of part-time, temporary and contingent work has received considerable attention from media and policy-makers. The occupational health and safety (OHS) dimensions of precarious work have received less attention. What are the implications of low-paid and insecure work for Canada's OHS and compensation systems? What changes are necessary to provide effective health and safety protections and compensation for illness and injury to temp agency workers, and employees who are labelled as "independent contractors"? What regulatory and collective bargaining strategies are available to address these gaps?

Come and hear global perspectives on the transformation of work and employment relationships, the challenges for OHS protections and compensation, and what it all means for Canada.

International Speakers:

  • Michael Quinlan, Professor in the School of Management and Director of the Industrial Relations Research Centre at the UNSW Australia Business School
  • Annie Thébaud-Mony, Sociologist and Honorary Research Director at INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research)
  • David Walters, Professor of Work Environment, Seafarers' Research Centre, Cardiff University in Wales
  • Laurent Vogel, Senior Researcher, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)
  • Discussant: Katherine Lippel, Canada Research Chair on Occupational Health and Safety Law