Getting the word out

The new survey data gives us a clearer picture of workers’ experiences with harassment and violence in Canada. Now we are focused on getting the word out there and sharing the results. The following list of resources and graphics can be downloaded and shared with members.

Read and Share the Report’s Executive Summary

Harassment and Violence in Canadian Workplaces: Executive Summary
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Download graphics to share on social media:

Ratify the global treaty on violence

Take action to help ensure workplaces remain free from violence and harassment. Use our tool to send a letter to the Labour Minister and urge him to ratify C190, the first-ever global treaty on violence and harassment in the workplace.

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Harassment and violence at work resource centre

For years, workers and advocates have been drawing attention to the ongoing and widespread issue of harassment and violence at work. However, a shortage of Canadian-specific data made it difficult…
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Supports and resources

If you have witnessed or experienced harassment and violence at work we recommend you talk to someone you trust at your union about your experiences, such as a union steward…
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