Youth Placement: Legislative Assistant (2 positions)

POLITICAL ACTION & CAMPAIGNS Youth Placement: Legislative Assistant – seeking
two (2) students

Political Action and Campaigns is seeking to hire a summer student(s) to work on data analytics and active legislative review for the Congress’ work on the current minority parliament and in the context of the economic impacts and legislative shifts cause by the global pandemic. The position would report to the department director or the department’s national representatives, depending on availability. The position will aid in filling a short term requirement to review current legislation along side announcements from the government on legislation and the evolution of the Congress’ outreach, awareness, and campaign facility.

The position would have two primary functions:

  1. Assist in policy research regarding issues pertinent the Congress’ legislative agenda.
  2. Assist in the development of tracking files to identify political opportunities for the labour movement.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide a holistic report with best-practices for future opportunities
  • Analyse issues with a labour perspective
  • Assist in the creation of lobby documents and campaign materials
  • Writing briefs and backgrounders on policy issues pertinent to the legislative agenda
  • Work with affiliates to determine industry level issues

Student Benefits:

A successful applicant(s) will realize practical knowledge in labour activism and political campaigns and well as parliamentary procedure.

Supervision: Brent Farrington

Term of employment: 8-10 weeks

How to apply