Joint Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Labour Congress Statement on Bill Morneau’s Candidacy for OECD Secretary General

October 30, 2020

With the global economy continuing to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic, effective leadership at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is even more important than usual. As the lead Canadian organizations to Business at OECD and the Trade Union Advisory Committee, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Labour Congress have the pleasure to declare our support for Bill Morneau’s candidacy for the role of OECD Secretary General.

As the world faces COVID-19’s second wave, the OECD must play a critical role in developing a broad consensus on economic policies to support businesses and workers. Mr. Morneau is a former G7 & G20 finance minister, who brings an acute understanding of the economic challenges facing industrialized countries. His tenure in government, paired with his leadership in the private and not-for-profit sector, positions him to manage the OECD secretariat and provide important leadership on economic policy issues.

We also endorse Mr. Morneau’s priorities, which will enable the OECD to achieve its core economic mandate during this challenging economic period.

  • Inclusive growth: Our collective economies will only recover to the extent that we maximize labour force participation. This includes ensuring workers can return safely to work, creating new jobs, and investing in the social supports needed, like child care, to ensure women are not left out of the recovery. Women, youth, racialized and low-skilled workers were disproportionately affected by the economic shutdowns implemented to slow the transmission of COVID-19. The OECD has a key role in developing and promoting policies that will be essential to ensuring livelihoods and rebuilding communities.
  • Sustainable economies: Although the pandemic has caused short-term pain to our economies, we must also not forget other ongoing and immediate risks, including climate change. The OECD plays an important role in coordination and implementation of policies to sustainably support a just transition to a lower-carbon economy.
  • Digital economy: Developing global standards on digital economy issues, including artificial intelligence, taxation, privacy, and responsible business conduct across borders, will be essential for the OECD to stay relevant in the modern economy. By leveraging its multi-stakeholder nature, the OECD can deliver a broad-based consensus to ensure these rules are globally implemented and do not produce a patchwork that fails to deliver for businesses, workers and the public.

Mr. Morneau is uniquely positioned to advance these foundational priorities and we are proud to support his candidacy for the position.

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