2019 SFL – CLC Annual Spring School

Labour education builds solidarity and knowledge. Labour education teaches the skills unions need to represent their members and defend their rights using proven methods that allow adults of all backgrounds to learn. If your union wants to train the next generation of local activists or expand the skills that today’s leaders and activists already have, the SFL/CLC Spring School is here to help your union succeed. Unions know they need to reconnect with a new generation of working people. They can do this by being better bargainers and better advocates for their members at work, as well as better political activists for everyone who works to support themselves and their families. The courses offered by the Spring School can help your union do all of this and more!
Registration is open to affiliates of the CLC and Federations.

We are excited to host the 2019 Annual Spring School at the beautiful Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Link to the Brochure


Domestic Violence at Work

This course will help shop stewards, health and safety representatives and other union representatives gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence at work and the role of the union and employer in addressing it. Participants will learn ways to best support members who may be experiencing domestic violence, including how to recognize and respond to the warning…

Facing Management Effectively

Effectively examines the economic, political and social forces at play between union and management. Participants can expect participation, interaction and roleplays along with practical skills and tools for com-munication, analysis, strategy and critical thinking.

Health and Safety Activism and your Mental & Physical Health

Healthy and safe workplaces are a basic right. This workshop will provide worker activists with tools, materials, and processes to address this key area of work life. You will develop an understanding of how workplace stress and other psychosocial hazards can affect us and how to deal with them. The workshop will help identify stressors affecting workers such as job…

Member Engagement-Member Action

Member Action is designed for experienced shop stewards, local union leaders, and union staff who want to transform how members engage with their union and how their union engages with members. This course will train participants on the three-step approach to effective member engagement (Go, Listen, Build) and connect it to a three-step approach for building an active membership (one-on-one…

Pre-retirement Planning “What are you doing after work?”

This course will get people thinking about the main factors in planning for retirement with emphasis on finances and retirement goals. While finances are a major part of retirement planning, this course will also delve into relationships, living conditions, retirement activities, women in retirement, health and wellbeing. Designed by retired union members, this course is for members who are retiring…

Unionism on Turtle Island

This course is designed for non-Indigenous workers who want to learn more about Indigenous issues and who want to work in solidarity with their First Nations and Metis brothers and sisters. Issues to be discussed will include history, spirituality, creating a representative workforce, Indigenous issues at the bargaining table, and opening the union to Indigenous activists. Indigenous workers are also…