2022 Pacific Winter School – Week 1

Registration for the 2022 Canadian Labour Congress Pacific Region Winter School is now open!

This year’s school will be held in person at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort – 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

The registration cost is $1475.00 for Single Accommodation. We will not be offering Shared Accommodation for 2022.

We look forward to seeing you!

To Register:

1. Login to site with your username and password.
2. Click Register Myself or Register Someone Else.
3. Answer the mandatory questions and choose Save Responses.
4. Scroll down to your course and select Add next to your course.
5. Under the program section, make sure to choose Special Needs, Bus and/or Guest if required.
6. Once completed proceed to the check out. Choose payment method Pay now (by credit card) or Pay later (by cheque). Then confirm your order by clicking Submit Order.
7. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you specified.

Air Canada event code for week 1: KGJDUTP1.
Please note, each week has a different event code.

Please note, the 2022 Winter School is subject to the ongoing public health situation. Participants should book travel arrangements accordingly, as Winter School may be cancelled if Public Health Orders change or the public health situation worsens.

To change or cancel a registration after it has been submitted, you must contact the Pacific Region Office at pacific@clcctc.ca

Bus Schedule  Brochure

Scholarships available:

  • Community Savings Credit Union Scholarship can be found here
  • Kim Manton Scholarship can be found here
  • Frank Wall Leadership Scholarship can be found here
  • Donna Sheaves Memorial Scholarship can be found here


Facing Management Effectively

This course will look at economic, political, social forces at play between union and management. It will examine the roles and rights of each group and the different types of union/management relationships and styles. We will look at the power, bias, and privilege dynamics between union and management and how we can communicate effectively. We will focus on problem solving – understanding issues, developing strategies, finding and presenting facts and argument, finding areas of agreement, building solutions, implementing and maintaining solutions. Participants can expect lots of participation, interaction, and role-plays along with practical skills and tools for communication, analysis, strategy...
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Labour Arbitration Level 1

This course is designed to introduce participants to the practical skills required to prepare and present a case at an arbitration hearing. Special emphasis is placed on evidence, examination and cross-examination, the opening statement and final argument. You will also discuss current trends and cases dealing with the arbitration process. This course would be useful for grievance committee members or chairpersons, or union staff or officers who have not yet had extensive experience with the arbitration process.
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Health & Safety Level 1

This introductory Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) course will introduce committee members and worker representatives to the basic principles of workplace health and safety. This also serves as a great ‘Back to Basics’ course for those OH&S committee members who desire refresher training. In this course, participants will learn the responsibilities and duties of the Joint OH&S Committee, OH&S legislation (provincial and federal), key elements of having an effective committee, workers’ OH&S rights and the procedure for refusing unsafe work, how to conduct effective incident investigations and safety inspections, identify OH&S hazards in the workplace, and ways of finding solutions.
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Parliamentary Procedures & Public Speaking

This is a two-part course. Parliamentary Procedure covers how to run a meeting effectively, the duties of a chairperson and secretary, and how the rules of order can provide a democratic and fair process to get the business of the union accomplished. Public Speaking covers how to speak persuasively to various groups and how different formats are used to speak at convention, debates, and impromptu gatherings. There is a scholarship available for this course through the CLC Pacific Region office. Please see the Frank Wall Leadership Development Scholarship information on page 12 of the Winter School brochure for details, or...
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Return to Work: Duty to Accommodate

This course is designed to equip participants with tools and strategies for successful work reintegration outcomes. Participants will explore leading research and learn the principles of good work reintegration practices and the duty to accommodate. The course has a strong focus on the analysis and interpretation of human rights obligations and particularly the duty to accommodate. Barriers to successful work reintegration are addressed with a focus on attitudinal barriers and their elimination using the social model of disability and therapeutic return to work principles. An in-depth comparison between older methods of disability management and the newer, progressive disability prevention model...
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Steward Training Level 1

The steward is often the main point of contact between the union, its members, management, and the larger labour movement. This course builds the skills, confidence, and knowledge a steward needs to represent their members. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of their position as stewards, the handling of grievances and complaints, problem solving skills, protecting contractual provisions in the collective agreement and current issues for stewards.
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Transforming Conflict into Union Activism

Transforming Conflict into Union Activism approaches conflict in a novel way. It recognizes that conflict isn’t always negative but that it is the outcome of the conflict that is negative or positive. The course will teach participants how to listen to people involved in a conflict, get to the root causes of a conflict, and how to coach people involved in a conflict to identify shared interests. Participants will learn how to use those shared interests to help people involved in a conflict find solutions and turn the conflict and shared interests into union activism.
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Women in Leadership

This course offers union women an opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge in a variety of current and emerging labour issues. A major component of this course will cover communication and motivational skills that are important for women activists. CUPE 402 has established a scholarship for this course through the B.C. Federation of Labour. Interested applicants should contact the BCFED or download the scholarship information package and application form from our website: https://canadianlabour.ca/who-we-are/labour-education/.
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