Winning for Workers: Election Toolkit

Welcome to the Canadian Labour Congress’ Election Toolkit. This guide will help you become election-ready.

We’ve put together a list of ways you can take action and participate. With your help, we can elect a government that will help build a better country for all workers.

From quick tips to fact sheets, we’ve got you covered.

Register to vote

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Make a plan to vote

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I voted

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Talking Points

Become an expert on the five keys issues that Canada’s unions are talking about in this election. Download the talking points here and help other potential voters make informed decisions.

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Talk to your friends about voting

Get talking. We’ve got you covered on how best to communicate your message on what matters most to you. Your friends, family, and colleagues care about what you have to say, so here are some tips to maximize your impact.

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Host a coffee meet-up

Who doesn’t love a meet-up with friends? Go ahead, invite your friends and take the time to talk about the issues that matter in your workplace or community over coffee and tea.

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Engage your social network to vote

Use social media to engage potential voters. A simple “I voted” frame can encourage others to vote too. You can also share posts or links on the key issues people care about.

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