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Call the banks now

Tell your bank that it is in times of a crisis; true leaders step up and take action to support those who support them. Millions of Canadians have lost their primary source of income. This means families are struggling to pay rent, the mortgage, monthly bills, put food on the table and get the medication they need. In turn, many…
Call the banks
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Pharmacare: Taking care of business

In a recent survey by Ekos Research, 8 in 10 business owners agreed with the following statement: “Prescription drugs should be covered as part of our public health care system, the same way that hospitals and doctors are covered.” A strong majority of business owners support universal pharmacare, just like the majority of Canadians. For years, business owners have been…
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We need EI reform now

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit is being phased out. Yet millions of workers will still need help. We need to ensure that Employment Insurance (EI) is ready to support them. Use this simple tool to send a letter to your MP. Let them know you want to see EI reforms so no one falls through the cracks.
Send a letter now.
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