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Protect garment workers from wage theft!

As shown in the Steelworkers Humanity Fund’s report “Not Even the Bare Minimum,” when the COVID-19 crisis hit, many global brands cancelled orders without consideration for workers in their supply chains. Those garment workers were paid poverty wages before the crisis and had no savings to draw upon when they were laid off, as they often did not receive their…
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Urgent action on racism

Canadians are fed up with systemic anti-Black racism and other forms of discrimination in our communities. The federal government needs to step up by fulfilling its election promise to double funding for anti-racism strategies. It’s time for our governments to confront racism, not just talk about it. Add your voice now.
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We deserve safe workplaces

COVID-19 remains a real risk to our health and wellbeing. Yet many of us are back at work – or heading back soon. We need to make sure all workplaces are safe.  
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