Pharmacare for Everyone

Nobody should be forced to choose between paying for groceries and paying for the medication they need.
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Municipalities need help

Municipal workers are on the frontlines going flat out to deliver the public services that keep us safe during COVID-19. But responding to this pandemic has left municipal governments in financial crisis. Their revenues have collapsed and unanticipated costs are soaring. Without financial help, municipalities will be forced to cut the vital local services our families and communities rely upon…
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Push back – call your MP

Word on Parliament Hill has it that the insurance industry is lobbying hard. It wants the federal government to cover the insurance of recently laid off workers. That would be instead of adopting universal, single-payer pharmacare. It’s up to us to make sure MPs know that’s just not on. Call your MP using this simple tool. We’ve got talking points…
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Call the banks now

Tell your bank that it is in times of a crisis; true leaders step up and take action to support those who support them. Millions of Canadians have lost their primary source of income. This means families are struggling to pay rent, the mortgage, monthly bills, put food on the table and get the medication they need. In turn, many…
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Write to a local or national publication

We can keep up the pressure by writing a letter to the editor. Here’s a nifty tool that allows you to add your own story and hit send to a local or national publication. The big banks have been taking out full-page ads in the country’s major newspapers. They want to look like they’re doing the right thing. Write to…
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Pharmacare: Taking care of business

In a recent survey by Ekos Research, 8 in 10 business owners agreed with the following statement: “Prescription drugs should be covered as part of our public health care system, the same way that hospitals and doctors are covered.” A strong majority of business owners support universal pharmacare, just like the majority of Canadians. For years, business owners have been…
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We need EI reform now

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit is being phased out. Yet millions of workers will still need help. We need to ensure that Employment Insurance (EI) is ready to support them. Use this simple tool to send a letter to your MP. Let them know you want to see EI reforms so no one falls through the cracks.
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If not now, when?

Even before this pandemic, 1 in 4 Canadians had inadequate drug coverage or none at all. Today, mass layoffs have left millions of more Canadians without workplace drug benefits.  This means many people will have to stretch their medications or skip them all together. Tell the Prime Minister and your Premier it’s time for universal, single-payer pharmacare.
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Municipalities need funding

In these hard times, our municipalities cannot be left behind. We need to protect the vital services that support our communities and drive a strong economy. We need federal and provincial governments to work together and provide emergency funding now.
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Urgent action on racism

Canadians are fed up with systemic anti-Black racism and other forms of discrimination in our communities. The federal government needs to step up by fulfilling its election promise to double funding for anti-racism strategies. It’s time for our governments to confront racism, not just talk about it. Add your voice now.
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We deserve safe workplaces

COVID-19 remains a real risk to our health and wellbeing. Yet many of us are back at work – or heading back soon. We need to make sure all workplaces are safe.  
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Tell the banks – enough is enough

Enough is enough. The Bank of Canada has just reduced its lending rate to the big banks to a historically low level. The government and Canadians expected this to lead to debt relief for average people. Yet the banks refuse to pass these savings onto Canadian families. Join us and tell the big banks to stop gouging Canadians and lower…
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Tell your bank. Send a tweet now.

We’re all making sacrifices to get through this challenging time – everyone except Canada’s big banks. Canadians pay some of the highest rates in the entire world, often at about 20% or even higher. Year after year, the big banks make billions in profits off the backs of working Canadians. They turn around and pay their CEOs huge bonuses with…
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End harassment and violence at work

It’s time for Canada to ratify international labour convention 190. It’s the first-ever global treaty on violence and harassment in the world of work. The Prime Minister told his Labour Minister he wants this done. Write to her now and let her know why it matters.
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It’s time to raise the minimum wage

With the cost of living going up for everyone, it’s time the federal minimum wage goes up too. Tell the federal government to get this done.
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Speak up for human rights

In times of crisis, governments have a responsibility to protect everyone. Human rights must not be an afterthought. Call on the federal government to ensure human rights are part of the COVID-19 response.
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