General Contact

2841 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON K1V 8X7

General Enquiries
Telephone: 613-521-3400 Fax: 613-521-4655

Media Enquiries
Amy Boughner 613-247-8951

Executive Officers
President, Hassan Yussuff Secretary-Treasurer, Marie Clarke Walker Executive Vice-President, Donald Lafleur Executive Vice-President, Larry Rousseau President Emeritus, Ken Georgetti

National Departments

Human Resources 613-526-7441

Communications Joel Duff, Acting Director 613-521-3400 x 322

Accounting 613-521-3400 x 260

Education and Labour College Susan Nosov, Director 613-521-3400 x 555

Anti-Racism & Human Rights Mojdeh Cox, Director 613-521-3400 x 236

Health, Safety & Environment Tara Peel, Director 613-521-3400 x 418

International Jocelyne Dubois, Director 613-521-3400 x 410

Meetings and Events Laura Ziemba, Director 416-712-0412

Political Action & Campaigns Brent Farrington, Director 613-521-3400 x 214

Social & Economic Policy Chris Roberts, Director 613-521-3400 x 262

Women's & Human Rights Vicky Smallman, Director 613-521-3400 x 202

Young Workers 613-521-3400

Regional Offices

Atlantic Region 1718 Argyle Street, Suite 420
Halifax, NS B3J 3N6
Telephone: 902-455-2965 Fax: 902-455-9130

Director: Alex Furlong

Representatives: Serge Landry (NB & PEI) Kelly Roche (NL) Tony Tracy (NS)

Ontario Region 15 Gervais Drive, Suite 401
Don Mills, ON M3C 1Y8
Telephone: 416-441-3710 Fax: 416-441-4073

Director: Lisa Bastien

Representatives: Gogi Bhandal Mehdi Kouhestaninejad Kim Kent Josh Moraes Heather Erlen

Prairie Region 1888 Angus Street
Regina, SK S4T 1Z4
Telephone: 306-525-6137 Fax: 306-525-9514

Director: Darla Deguire

Representatives: Cori Longo (AB) Deanna Ogle (SK) Bernie Wood (MB)

Pacific Region #201 - 5118 Joyce Street
Vancouver, BC V5R 4H1
Telephone: 604-430-6766 Fax: 604-430-6762

Director: Orion Irvine

Representatives: Ron Stipp Adrienne Smith Carlos Carvalho