CLC speaks out in support of private member’s bill banning asbestos products

November 16, 2016

Canada’s unions are supporting a private member’s bill that would legislate a comprehensive ban on asbestos and all products containing asbestos in Canada.

Sheri Benson, MP for Saskatoon West has introduced a private member’s bill called An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (prohibition of asbestos), which would prohibit the manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale or import of certain toxic substances that cause significant danger to the environment or to human life or health.

“Canada’s unions have been calling for a comprehensive ban on asbestos for many years and we hope the federal government moves quickly to pass legislation that would make this ban a reality,” said CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

Asbestos is the number one cause of workplace related death in Canada, with asbestos-related diseases claiming the lives of 2,000 Canadians every year.

“A comprehensive ban will save lives, it’s that simple. This is about making public spaces and workplaces safer for all Canadians, and there is no need to delay any longer. We need to ban asbestos now,” added Yussuff.