Course Descriptions

May 10, 2018

2018 Women’s Summer School

Candidate Development for Women is a next step for women leaders, who are considering running in a municipal, provincial and federal campaign. It is designed to address the day to day challenges in the face of high stress campaigns. Participants will take away new ways of campaigning, strategic planning, and framing our message. By building on communication and presentation skills, participants will leave with the tools to best communicate their message in on-camera interviews, face-to-face debates, and with new media.

Facing Management Effectively for Women examines the economic, political and social forces at play between union and management.  Participants can expect participation, interaction and role-plays along with practical skills and tools for communication, analysis, strategy and critical thinking.

Using Modern Tools to Talk with Your Members Beginning with an internal union communications audit, this course will teach participants how to use a variety of communication tools in order to reach union members with the union’s message and culminate with a custom internal communications plan. The course will look at websites, newsletter/bulletin design and writing skills, crafting effective emails, starting and managing email lists, and basic poster design. Participants will also learn the basics of taking great photos and producing short, engaging videos to better communicate with their union members.

Union Women on Turtle Island is for all trade union women who want to understand the issues Aboriginal women face in diverse working environments. Participants will explore the reasons for the invisibility of Aboriginal women in union structures and begin to develop strategies to encourage sisterhood.

Women in Leadership 1.0 Women make the union strong! offers union women an opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills, find their voice and ignite the spark to take on further challenges.

Workers’ Health and Safety – Level 1 provides the skills to identify and assesses workplace hazards based on key health and safety principles, providing participants with the information and skills required to strive for the prevention of workplace injury, illness and death.  This course is also the prerequisite to the Workers Health & Safety Centre Instructor Training program.

Sisters in the Struggle  is a women’s advanced leadership course specifically for ETFO women who want to continue their union leadership journey through discussions and activities on feminism, work-family balance, leadership styles, women and politics, and leadership planning.

Contact Kelly Hayes at for more information. Registration is directly through ETFO.