Proportional Representation: resources

September 14, 2016

Have your say: Attend a town hall or meeting

Why go to a town hall meeting?

The government has asked Canadians for their thoughts on Electoral reform through a town hall process. This is an opportunity for politicians to hear firsthand from Canadians about why we need a more fair and democratic voting system.

Before you go

Understand that you don’t need to be a constitutional lawyer to offer your opinion.  Still, it’s a good idea to do a little prep beforehand.

The most important points to make are:

  • We support the government’s call for change
  • Any electoral reform needs to be based on these three principles:
    • No Party should be able to get a majority of seats without a majority of votes
    • Any Electoral Reform must include proportional representation
    • Any Electoral Reform must consider local representation 

Here are some handy materials to help you understand the CLC’s support for Proportional Representation:

Remember MP’s work for Canadians, don’t be afraid to let them know where you stand!

Have you been to a town hall? If so, we want your feedback.

Spread the word: Download materials or share on social media

The Government has committed to changing our electoral system. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change our electoral system to one that is fair and ensures that every vote counts. 

Help amplify the thousands of Canadians who have already spread the word that we need a new electoral system. Let’s work together to ensure that we have a system based on proportional representation.

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Additional information

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