Labour College of Canada

University level labour studies for union leaders of today and tomorrow.


Applications are now open for Cohort 12, with classes beginning in January, 2024. Application deadline: October 25, 2023.

For 60 years, the Labour College of Canada (LCC) has been and continues to be a catalyst for leadership in the labour and social justice movements in Canada.

The Labour College offers a unique learning opportunity for union leaders and active members from across unions and regions to learn and grow together.

The Labour College of Canada continues to deliver in-depth, university level courses on issues related to work and the rights of workers in Canada. Graduates are equipped with new skills and knowledge to take on the challenges of today as well as new leadership roles in their union, their labour council, and the wider labour movement for the benefit of all workers.

About the LCC Certificate Program

The LCC Certificate Program is a labour studies and leadership program for labour leaders and active union members that supports critical thinking and collaborative learning in a flexible format.

The new Labour College of Canada (LCC) Certificate Program is a union-made program for active union members, including today’s and tomorrow’s union leaders.

The flexible program combines online and in-person learning over 14 months, to accommodate busy and changing schedules.

Participants come from a diversity of unions and regions in the country. Students learn together in large or small groups (or cohorts) throughout the program as they discuss, debate and strategize on key issues facing workers inside and outside of unions.

The LCC Certificate Program:

  • Builds leadership skills and provides leadership tools;
  • Fosters empowerment, self-confidence, and new networks of labour leaders;
  • Strengthens critical thinking skills;
  • Examines working class struggles and human rights issues that affect all workers;
  • Creates change!

How does the new program work? When and where are the courses offered?

Continuing on the success of the previous Labour College programs, the new LCC Certificate Program is built on creating collaborative learning moments and supporting student cohorts from start to finish. The new program offers greater flexibility by blending online and in-class learning.

Three intensive course sessions are offered over 14 months or longer. Each session includes online and in-person learning in addition to independent study. In-person classes are offered each year in British Columbia (BC) and/or Ontario.

The schedule for Cohort 12 is as follows*:

SESSION 1: Unions in the Political Economy
January/February, 2024 – Online
Week of February 25, 2024 – In person in B.C.

SESSION 2: Labour Leadership and Organizing Change
May/June, 2024 – Online
Week of July 14, 2024 – In person, Ontario or Nova Scotia

SESSION 3: Growing the Movement – Inside and Out
January/February, 2025 – Online
Week of February 23, 2025 – In person, B.C.

(*) Dates and location may be subject to change.

Subjects include:

  • Foundations of Political Economy
  • Theory and Practice of Unions
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Project Development
  • Research and Communications Skills
  • Truth to Reconcili-Action
  • Leadership for Movement Building
  • Education for Action/Organizing for Change
  • Work and Workers in a Global World
  • Governance, Laws and Policies

Program Requirements

The LCC Certificate program requires regular commitment to participating in collaborative work and meeting deadlines.

The LCC Certificate Program is made up of three sessions (or semesters) and an Independent Learning Project (ILP). Sessions occur online and in-person approximately every 6 months.

Workload is greatest during the three course sessions, though some independent work between sessions is required as part of an Independent Learning Project (ILP).

Who should apply?

Union members from CLC-affiliated unions who:

  • are or have been active in their union (elected position, active volunteer, committee member, etc.);
  • have attended one or more labour education courses;
  • are active in social and economic justice issues in their community;
  • are able to make the time over a year or more to attend and prepare for online and in-person courses, and complete the independent learning requirements.

Members of equity-seeking groups: Women workers, workers of colour, workers with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, intersex and Indigenous workers are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Applications (for Cohort 12) will close on October 25, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time).

All applicants are encouraged to speak with their union education representative to see if this program is right for them and to identify if financial support is available before submitting their application form.

If you are ready to apply for the next LCC Certificate Program, you can start your application here.

If you have questions about the LCC Certificate Program or if you wish to be notified the next time applications are being accepted, please send an email to

Costs related to sending a student to the LCC Certificate Program

Tuition fees

$3300 for completion of the three sessions. An additional administration fee may be factored in for extended time required.

Meals and accommodation (for in-person classes, when permitted)

$1750 to $2000 per weeklong course (rates dependent on school location and individual or shared accommodation).

Release time and travel

These amounts will vary, based on the provisions and discretion of each sponsoring union. They are determined locally, and not by the LCC.

If you have any questions regarding the LCC Certificate Program, the application process, or the fee schedule, please email