Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For more than 30 years Canada's unions have stood up for the LGBTQ communitypride banner

  • We’ve been there at work, in the courts, and in the streets to defend the rights of our members, their partners and their families.  
  • We’ve been there to protest injustice and violence. We’ve taken on and won court cases to end discrimination.
  • We’ve won labour arbitrations for fair and equal treatment.
  • We’ve changed laws and transformed our communities and our country.
  • And we still have work to do.

Together We've changed the law!

Working together with communities and allies, unions have helped gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer people win:

  • the right to equal benefits for our partners and children
  • the same right to bereavement leave, family leave,
  • and parental leave days as other workers
  • the same right to pension benefits for our partners
  • the right to a safe and harassment-free workplace
  • legal recognition of equal marriage
  • the inclusion of gender identity in provincial
  • and territorial human rights codeser We've changed the law!