Stronger Communities Together: 5 Priorities

Our local city and town councils, rural and urban, are on the front lines of some of the most pressing challenges facing Canada. We want to work with all levels of government to increase investments in the following five priorities:

  1. Public infrastructure to create good jobs and build the prosperous communities we need for the future.
  2. High quality public services and income support programs that ensure everyone in our communities has good quality of life.
  3. Public transit and renewable energy to make our cities more livable and to fight climate change.
  4. Good jobs, fair wages and safe working conditions for municipal workers who deliver the services we rely on every day.
  5. Community benefits procurement strategies that support local businesses, good jobs for local workers, and high quality goods, services and capital projects.

We believe that by working together with our municipal representatives on these issues, we can build stronger communities for everyone.

Read more about these five issues by downloading this booklet.

Download the booklet