Start a union. Because unions make life better at work, and at home.

When workers like you organize together to start a union, you build the power and rights you need to make life better. Better wages and benefits, better job security, better safety at work, better hours, and paid time off to take care of yourself and your family: these are all examples of how unions make life better at work and at home.

“Starting a union gave us a voice and the power to make our work better. Now we have fair wages, more sick days and more vacation. Being able to stay home when I’m sick is better for everyone. And having better pay means I don’t have to worry anymore about paying for rent and transportation.”

– Joy Adeola, Registered Early Childhood Educator, Member, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2484

“It’s our unions that look out for workers, not the companies we work for. And that’s not just about keeping us safe and secure in our jobs today: it’s about making sure our jobs are just as secure and critical to our economy tomorrow, especially as we tackle the climate crisis.”

– Chris Flett, Business Manager, International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 955

The union edge

Being in a union means having an edge, with higher wages, job security, better benefits, more paid time off, and access to a pension.

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How it works

No matter where you work or live, you can start a union with these simple steps.

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Get help to start a union

Get the help you need to successfully start a union in your workplace.

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