CLC/SFL Spring School 2024

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CLC/SFL Spring School 2024

Labour education builds solidarity and knowledge. It teaches the skills unions need to represent their members and defend their rights using proven methods that allow adults of all backgrounds to learn. If your union wants to train the next generation of local activists or expand the skills that today’s leaders and activists already have, the CLC/SFL Spring School 2024 is here to help your union succeed.


Sunday, April 28 to Thursday, May 2, 2024

Arrive on Sunday between 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Early check in is not permitted.

Classes are held at the Temple Gardens Hotel and at the Moose Jaw Public Library. Locations are wheelchair accessible.

Registration Fee

Early Bird – Jan 3 to Feb 29 is $1800.00
Regular – Mar 1 to April 8 is $2000.00
Includes: single-accommodation hotel room, parking, meals, coffee breaks, parking and class material.

To change a registration after it has been submitted please contact the Prairie Region office at , cancellations with a full refund will not provided after March 28, 2024.

  • Hotel rooms will be booked by the CLC, please do not contact the hotel. If you have any questions contact the office at or 306-525-6137.
  • Registration desk is open Sunday, April 28 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the hotel lobby.
  • You will not be able to check in to the hotel before you register for the school. Registration desk will be set up in the main lobby area of the hotel.
  • Please note that you may be requested to wear a mask at the school. This will be determined closer to the start of the school.

COURSES OFFERED – Choose One Class 

Steward Level 1
This course builds the skills, confidence, and knowledge a steward needs to represent their members. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of their position as stewards, the handling of grievances and complaints, problem solving skills, protecting contractual provisions in the collective agreement, and current issues for stewards.

Labour Community Advocate
Labour Community Advocate training is a CLC approved course delivered by United Way Labour Programs and Services staff. The program is designed to train union members to act as a resource to other union members and to the local union itself. Participants receive training on social issues faced by working people and resources available in their communities. The program also includes training in communication, interviewing, and referral techniques to better assist fellow union members. It allows participants to explore the ways in which unions and other labour bodies can help build resilient and respectful communities.

Labour Community Advocates have 3 roles:
1. To link workers facing workplace, person or family challenges with available resources in the community.
2. To identify community issues where the union can play a role through collective bargaining or social action; and
3. To support community activism among union members, unions and labour organizations.

Building Bridges – Transforming Conflict into Union Solidarity
This course continues to approach conflict as something that is a common element in groups, recognizing that conflict isn’t always negative but that it is the outcome of the conflict that is negative or positive. The course also includes scenarios and practice for building solidarity in polarizing times. It will teach participants how to listen to people involved in a conflict, get to the root causes of a conflict, and how to coach people involved in a conflict to identify shared interests. Participants will learn how to use those shared interests to help people involved in a conflict find solutions and turn the conflict and shared interests into union activism.

Speaking Up for Saskatchewan
It’s time to speak up and make change at the bargaining table, and the ballot box.
Workers are getting a bad deal from employers and politicians. People can’t afford groceries, gas, and skyrocketing interest rates. Hospitals and schools have been cut to the bone and face chronic understaffing, leaving workers, like you, left holding the bag. Violence at work and unsafe workplaces are a constant threat to the safety, and lives, of working people.
This brand-new course helps connect workplace issues to decisions made by politicians, and focuses on the tangible skills needed to engage and mobilize fellow members. If you want to learn more about taking action, communicating with members, building a stronger local, or being involved in electing worker-friendly politicians, this workshop will give you the toolbox of skills and tactics to do so.

Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
Workplace violence can take the form of physical aggression such as hitting, biting or kicking. Violence in the workplace also includes verbal threats, swearing, name calling and bullying. Violence is not part of your job and the repercussions for workers can be devastating, affecting their physical and mental health and job satisfaction. For employers, it means reduced productivity and increased losses. This course is intended to assist joint OH&S Committees to identify the potential hazards in the workplace, conduct a risk assessment and recommend corrective action as they pertain to violence. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a plan for violence prevention.

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