Donald Lafleur – Executive Vice-President

April 16, 2015

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A lifelong postal worker, Donald worked his way from letter carrier to shop steward with the Letter Carriers’ Union of Canada (LCUC) and later served the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) as the National Vice-President. After a 20-year struggle to unionize, Donald helped organize over 6,000 rural and suburban mail carriers with the CUPW and acted as their chief negotiator through three rounds of bargaining.

Donald’s background as an organic farmer made him a natural activist in the environmental movement, where he has demonstrated a deep and passionate commitment to building an alliance between environmentalists, labour unions, and Indigenous communities.

Donald head’s up the health, safety and environment files for the CLC and has travelled the country fighting for a national ban on asbestos, enforcement of the Westray law to protect the lives of workers, the creation of green jobs, and a government commitment to provide a “just transition” for workers, industries and communities that are directly affected by the shift towards renewable resources.