November 16, 2017

Union Education

For Union Leaders, Executive members, Committees and Researchers:

Can Work Be Safe When Home Isn’t? Labour’s Domestic Violence at Work Initiative

This presentation outlines the labour movement’s DV at work initiative. From the groundbreaking national survey to follow-up action to educate and empower union members and representatives, negotiate workplace supports, and win legislative change like paid domestic violence leave.
(1-hour presentation)

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For Educators/Facilitators:

Domestic Violence at Work Facilitator Training 

Participants will develop knowledge, skills and expertise on domestic violence at work and the role of unions and the labour movement in addressing it. They will acquire skills required to deliver a 2-day workshop to train Union Representatives, and both 1-hour presentations described here. This training will also help connect facilitators with shelter workers and other community support services for individual trainings and for local support services for members.
(2.5 day workshop)

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For Union Staff and Representatives:

Domestic Violence at Work: Training for Union Representatives 

This 2-day training will help shop stewards, health and safety representatives and other union representatives gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence at work, and the role of the union and employer in addressing it.

Participants will learn ways to best support members who may be experiencing domestic violence, including how to recognize and respond to the warning signs and risk factors, and how to connect members to support and services in the community. Union representatives will also leave with tools to build awareness in the workplace about domestic violence at work.
(2-day workshop)

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For Members:

Domestic Violence at Work: What Everyone Needs to Know

A short presentation designed for all union members. This presentation provides general awareness of the dynamics of domestic violence, and how it affects workers and the workplace. Union members leave with a better understanding of the issues surrounding domestic violence at work and what each member can do, as a friend or co-worker, of someone who may be experiencing domestic violence.
(2-hour presentation)

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For information on any of these workshops or presentations, contact your union or your regional CLC representative.