Sign the Pledge to be a Gender Justice Champion at Work

Join us as we urge decision makers to #EmbraceEquity in workplaces across the country.

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the incredible wins delivered by Canada’s labour movement to advance gender equity and women’s rights at work. But the fight isn’t over.

By taking the pledge, you commit to advocating for our elected officials to:

  • Value women’s work: Women, especially racialized and newcomer women, make up the vast majority of workers in the paid care sector. Yet many are forced to leave their jobs because of low pay, crushing workloads and poor working conditions. Canada needs a national care strategy to train, recruit and retain workers in care sectors and end wage discrimination.
  • End Gender-based violence at work: Canada’s recent ratification of the ILO’s Convention 190 means we’re one step closer to a world of work free of harassment and violence. Now the government must work together with unions and employers to swiftly implement the agreement.
  • Fix the child care crisis: Recently introduced federal legislation outline a national child care strategy including key principles long advocated for by labour and child care advocates. It’s time for the government to collaborate with sector workers to advance this strategy until it becomes enshrined in law.
  • Make work fairer: The erosion of vital care services has created an over-reliance on unpaid care work, disproportionately provided by women. The federal government must invest in a Care Economy Commission to examine paid and unpaid care work and develop a roadmap to meet the increasing demands for care; reduce and redistribute women’s unpaid care work; and build a more inclusive labour market strategy to achieve high-quality, equitable care jobs.