Rana Plaza workers

Protect garment workers from wage theft!

As shown in the Steelworkers Humanity Fund’s report “Not Even the Bare Minimum,” when the COVID-19 crisis hit, many global brands cancelled orders without consideration for workers in their supply chains. Those garment workers were paid poverty wages before the crisis and had no savings to draw upon when they were laid off, as they often did not receive their legally earned severance.

Last month, Canadian Labour Congress added our voice to a coalition of 220 rights organizations around the world, calling on brands and retailers to sign a binding agreement with unions to establish a global Severance Guarantee Fund that would bring an end to severance theft in the apparel industry. Many Canadian brands and their shareholders have fared well during this pandemic, and have the power to build a sustainable recovery for the garment industry for a nominal price.

Send a tweet to the CEO of Lululemon and the YM Group (owner of popular Canadian brands such as Urban Planet, Suzy Shier, Aéropostale, Stitches and others) demanding them to pay into a Severance Guarantee Fund to protect garment workers around the world!

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