Canada’s unions say federal election promises must centre on better jobs and strengthening social safety net

August 15, 2021

Canada’s unions are calling on all federal parties to ensure that workers are front and centre in their election platforms for the future prosperity of the nation.

With the federal election now underway, ensuring workers aren’t left behind in the recovery must be a key issue, said Bea Bruske, president of the Canadian Labour Congress.

“We have weathered this pandemic because of the ongoing efforts of frontline workers. We owe it to them, and all workers currently struggling to make ends meet, to ensure the recovery is focused on alleviating inequality and ensuring decent work for all,” said Bruske. “Every worker in this country, regardless of sex, gender, age, socioeconomic status, race, or religion should have every opportunity to participate fully and with dignity in the country’s economy.”

Canada’s unions are calling on all candidates to commit to advancing an equitable recovery that is focused on four critical priorities to help our country recover and keep us safe in the future.

These priorities include: replacing lost jobs with better ones; disaster proofing our social safety net; strengthening public health care; and, tackling climate change without leaving workers behind.

“There have been many lessons learned from this pandemic. These include keeping our seniors safe by making long-term care part of public health care, and adding prescription drugs to Canada’s health care system. We also know that affordable child care will ensure working families no longer struggle, especially as women re-enter the workforce,” added Bruske.

A focus on tax fairness will also see to it that wealthy individuals and corporations that made record profits throughout the pandemic pay their fair share and support the recovery.

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