Canada’s unions stand with those who stand against hate

February 15, 2022

Communities show how to build solidarity so we can move forward together

Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, released the following statement:

“Watching people bravely standing up to harassment and hate during the ongoing occupations has been inspiring. The planned and impromptu organizing happening in our communities over the past week is vital to building a better democracy and, in these challenging times, is heartening.

“In the last week, we saw members of the community alongside the labour movement come together across the country. In Quebec City, in Edmonton, in Vancouver, in Toronto, in Winnipeg, in Kingston and in other towns and cities across the country. In Ottawa, we even saw a small neighbourhood dog-walking group turn into a large assembly of community members stopping one of the convoys in its tracks.

“But our work is not done yet. We must continue to engage in one-on-one conversations and strengthen community solidarity. This moment offers a generational opportunity to think about how we want to move forward and create positive change for workers and their families. We must not allow disruptive messages of hate distract us from our work.”

“Also, we must recognise the real mass movement happening across Canada. Over the past two years of fighting this pandemic, we have witnessed millions of acts of kindness. People going the extra mile to help those who need it most. The vast majority of Canadians who got vaccinated and followed health protection measures. Our health professionals and frontline workers that kept going because they love their communities and want to protect its most vulnerable members.”

“Workers, families and communities from coast to coast to coast have been coming together and working to end this pandemic – and it is a truly encouraging thing to see. We urge everyone to stay safe and know that Canada’s unions stand with you. Forward together.”

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