CLC statement on Ramadan attacks

July 8, 2016

As this year’s Eid celebrations wind to a close, the CLC would like to take a moment to express its solidarity and sympathy to the many across the globe for whom this year’s holidays were devastated by sadness and loss from the spate of global attacks in Mukalla, Istanbul, Dhaka, Medina and Baghdad during Ramadan.

Extremists killed hundreds of men, women and children in Muslim nations during the final weeks of Ramadan and yet there is a feeling that these deaths have not garnered the same global outpouring of grief as Paris, Brussels and Orlando. It is known that, on a global scale, most victims of terrorist attacks are Muslims. The CLC condemns these atrocities and we express our deepest sympathies to all affected.

We stand in solidarity with all victims of violence and for the values that trade unions defend – democracy, solidarity, fundamental rights and equality – which are essential in defeating the causes of terrorism.