The time for denial is over: Canadians need a new government with the courage to tackle the recession head on.

September 1, 2015

Canadian workers need a new government with the courage to tackle the recession head on and take the economy in a new direction, says the head of Canada’s labour central.

“Nobody should be surprised that this is where we’ve ended up, and yet the Conservative government has refused to acknowledge what Canadian workers and their families have known for months: Investment in people and the communities they live in, not just resource extraction, is a better choice for Canadians and the economy,” said CLC president Hassan Yussuff.

“Faced with the hard truth, the only response from this government appears to be to remain in denial by changing its own definition of what constitutes a recession, and that’s not good enough for Canadians,” he added.

Yussuff said the upcoming federal election offers an opportunity for real change.

“It’s clear that what the economy needs now is a government with the courage to tackle the recession head on by restarting growth, boosting business confidence and investment, stimulating employment growth and restoring hope in the future for workers and their families,” said Yussuff.

Canadian unions have laid out a plan for job creation and economic stimulus that includes transitioning to a greener economy with investments in infrastructure such as public transit.

Unions are also calling for a government that will create a long-overdue national child care program that would help workers – especially women – get back to work. Québec’s example has shown that this kind of program more than pays for itself and boosts the economy.

“We also need to end the denial around the looming retirement crisis by electing a government that will help avert growing seniors poverty by expanding the Canada Pension Plan,” said Yussuff.

“It’s time for change, and I believe Canadian workers know that, and will make that desire for change known come October 19,” he added.