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Canada’s labour movement needs your help to elect progressive candidates, who are committed to protecting quality public services that make our local communities stronger, to municipal councils and school boards across Canada.

Local elections matter because they impact services we use every day, from our drinking water and roads to our kids’ education and care for the elderly. Great municipal governments can make communities stronger, healthier, better places to live – and only a handful of votes can have a huge impact in municipal elections.

The Canadian Labour Congress is identifying candidates for elected office who support vibrant public services, like parks, libraries, rec centres and public transit – and who support the workers who keep these services running.

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Pandemic fallout: Municipalities need help

The pandemic has plunged Canadian municipalities into a deep financial crisis, with municipal councils being forced to make deep cuts to public services, like transit, libraries, emergency services, parks, roads and other essential infrastructure. Tell the federal and provincial governments to provide urgent emergency funding to keep municipalities running and aid the recovery.

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Priorities: Stronger Communities Together

Canada’s unions are promoting five policy priorities that are key to building more prosperous, livable and sustainable communities for everyone in Canada.

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Municipalities need funding

In these hard times, our municipalities cannot be left behind. We need to protect the vital services that support our communities and drive a strong economy.

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