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Globally, women perform 76.2 percent of total hours of global unpaid care work, more than three times as much as men. This heavy load means many women have less time to engage in paid work, or struggle to juggle and balance their paid and unpaid work. But the truth is, care work supports the people that power society, our communities…
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We need pro-worker legislation

Workers in Canada have had our backs throughout the pandemic. As we emerge and build a recovery that benefits everyone – we need to have theirs. We’re calling on the federal government to implement anti-scab legislation that protects workers – not employers and special interest groups. Without it, bosses will continue to undermine the entire collective bargaining process. Now is…
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Canada’s unions are marking Black History Month by calling for long-term, concrete government action to address systemic labour market discrimination and disadvantages faced by Black workers.  The deep-rooted effects of systemic racism include ongoing labour market discrimination against Black workers, which has seen Black workers receive lower wages and face barriers in all aspects of work, from the hiring process,…
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