Marie Clarke Walker – Secretary-Treasurer

April 16, 2015

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Marie started her career working in a home for the elderly, later with adults and children with developmental disabilities, as a counsellor and family-support worker in Toronto, and once again at the School Board as an Early Childhood Educator working with children with disabilities.

She rose rapidly through the ranks of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), and eventually became CUPE Ontario’s Equity Vice-President and her union’s first-ever national Diversity Vice-President. Marie made history in 2002 when she was elected as the first racialized woman and youngest person ever elected to the position of Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). She served in that position for five terms before once again making history in May 2017, being elected as the first-ever racialized woman to serve as CLC Secretary-Treasurer.

She is the mother of two sons and a mentor/femtor to many.  She has served as a Board member on a myriad of organizations, including the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Adventure Place, the Scarborough National Malvern Soccer Club and Scarborough Basketball Association, Julliette’s Place, a shelter for abused women and children, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and as an executive member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.

Her passion is just as fervent now as it was when she first became involved in social movements. She continues to fight injustice everywhere and looks forward to the day when Canada is truly a country which celebrates and respects equally all its diverse and vibrant communities.