September 30, 2015

Link to Collective



Today’s trade union leaders must grapple with increasingly complex challenges: political, legal, and
economic attacks on workers and their organizations; the shifting nature of work amidst the pressures
of globalization and neoliberalism; and the ever-changing cultural and social forces that impact our
ability to organize, mobilize, and bargain effectively. As we struggle to maintain our relevance and
effectiveness, what can we learn from labour’s own history? From other trade unions and social
movements? And from each other, through debate and discussion?
We will explore these themes in a series of thought-provoking and engaging sessions and a
collaborative learning environment while considering the strategic and practical implications for
today’s – and tomorrow’s – labour movement and trade union leaders. Learners will also have the
opportunity to interact and develop relationships with activists from our own and other unions.
This is an intensive and rewarding 5-day introductory course aimed at emerging BCGEU activists with
varied experiences in the union and the community, an eagerness to expand their thinking and a
commitment to a progressive, effective, and responsive union at the forefront of the labour


Participants will leave with a solid understanding of the bargaining process and the factors that affect collective bargaining. This course also introduces some of the laws and rules that structure the bargaining process and provides opportunities for hands-on practice and skills development in preparing for and negotiating parts of a collective agreement. Level one is aimed at new bargaining committee members and local union officers. You may want to bring a calculator for this course.