Bargaining for better benefits and supports

May 3, 2017

Unions can make sure that mental health issues are addressed in collective agreements. We can also encourage members who live with mental illness, or care for someone who does, to be on bargaining committees or provide input to the process of developing demands to put forward in bargaining.

8 demands bargaining units can make for improved mental health:

  • Sick leave, short-term disability leave, and long-term disability leave for mental health related issues.
  • Health benefits that include good coverage for mental health professional services and time off for appointments.
  • Adequate drug and hospital coverage.
  • Duty to accommodate language that clearly covers mental health concerns.
  • Clear accommodation process laying out responsibilities of employer, worker, and union.
  • Explicit health privacy guarantees.
  • Coverage for wage loss if an accommodated worker is temporarily not able to work full time.
  • Training for members who are being accommodated with new or unfamiliar duties or positions.