Canada’s unions urge voters to reject the Conservative agenda of cuts

October 11, 2019

Following the release of an election platform with over $50 billion of cuts at its core, Canada’s unions are urging Canadians to reject Andrew Scheer’s regressive agenda on October 21st.

Over and over again, Conservatives have demonstrated hostility towards Canada’s workers. Today, Andrew Scheer is doubling down on that hostility and seeking a mandate to cut,” said Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) President Hassan Yussuff. “With a platform loaded with job-killing service cuts, it’s clear that Andrew Scheer represents an equal threat to Canadians as Stephen Harper.”

Over the last four years, measurable progress has been made to protect the rights of workers, create a stronger Canada Pension Plan, move towards pay equity across the federal sector, and protect victims of domestic violence. These are advancements that working Canadians hold dear, yet so much more remains to be done.

The next government must put the well-being of all Canadians at the top of its agenda. We cannot go backwards on jobs, social programs, equity or fairness. We now know exactly what a Conservative government means—cuts to public services, attacks on workers and giveaways to connected, wealthy insiders,” added Yussuff. “After years of progress, we need a government committed to building a fair Canada for everyone, not one seeking a mandate to cut. We simply cannot risk going backwards.”

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