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For years, workers and advocates have been drawing attention to the ongoing and widespread issue of harassment and violence at work. However, a shortage of Canadian-specific data made it difficult to know the extent and nature of the problem.

To address this evidence gap, in 2020, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and researchers from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto launched the first National Survey on Harassment and Violence at Work. Nearly 5,000 workers took part in the survey offering a clear snapshot of how workers are experiencing harassment and violence. The initial report, “Harassment and Violence in Canadian Workplaces: It’s [Not] Part of the Job,” was released March 30, 2022.

The results are clear, too many workers are experiencing harassment and violence on a daily basis. The Officers of the CLC came together to review the results of the survey and discuss the implications for the labour movement.

The initial Report will help start conversations with members about what changes they want to see from their unions, employers and governments. Tackling harassment and violence at work will require a commitment from all three. Canada’s unions look forward to working closely with employers and governments to build harassment free workplaces.

The CLC is developing a multi-year plan to address harassment and violence that will include education programs, collective bargaining approaches and a legislative agenda. Targeted reports will dive into the data in more depth to better understand how marginalized workers are impacted by harassment and violence. These will help develop and implement much-needed strategies to help keep all workers safe.

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Supports and resources

If you have witnessed or experienced harassment and violence at work we recommend you talk to someone you trust at your union about your experiences, such as a union steward…
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Getting the word out

The new survey data gives us a clearer picture of workers’ experiences with harassment and violence in Canada. Now we are focused on getting the word out there and sharing…
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Looking for support?

Harassment and violence has serious impacts on workers and workplaces. If you or someone you know is experiencing harassment and violence, visit the Supports and resources page for helpful resources.