Social Justice and Democracy

Politicians must put aside the rhetoric and fix the affordability crisis

September 20, 2022

Bruske: MPs must work together to help families in need and clamp down on corporate greed

OTTAWA – As Parliament reconvenes this week, Canada’s unions are urging Members of Parliament to put aside glib rhetoric and work together to provide relief for those who need it most amid the ongoing affordability crisis. Today’s inflation numbers showed that while CPI has begun to level off, grocery prices continue to increase at rates not seen in over four decades, while workers’ wages lag behind.

‘’Everyday necessities like food, fuel and housing eat away at more and more of workers’ hard-earned paycheques. Meanwhile, large corporations see their profits soar while their employees’ wages lag behind. Canada’s affordability crisis has been made even worse by rich corporations cashing in at the expense of struggling families,” said Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress “MPs have an opportunity when Parliament reconvenes to help struggling families and make these profitable corporations finally pay their fair share.”

Bruske added that Canada’s unions welcome recent cooperation between New Democrats and the Liberal government to provide targeted help and put money back into the pockets of Canadians.

“This is a prime example of how democracy should work, and we need more of it. Dental care for kids, doubling the GST rebate, making housing more affordable. Politicians finding common ground and getting targeted help to people who really need it,” continued Bruske. “We really have to question those opposed to this collaborative approach. How can Conservatives like Pierre Poilievre talk so loudly about the challenges families face and then oppose this concrete help for those who need it most?”

Bruske added that with some of our most essential workers are being hit the hardest, Canada’s unions recently launched a campaign calling for increased investments in care services and improved working conditions for care workers.

“We need our elected representatives from across the political spectrum to recognize that we will all need care at some point. Care work is essential and care workers must be properly supported,” concluded Bruske. “With a crisis facing public health care and the chronic underfunding of Canada’s care economy, addressing the care crisis must be a priority for MPs.”


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